19th Hole

For a more casual atmosphere, our 19th hole has a bar area, flat screen tvs, and plenty of space to relax after a round of golf. Both of our rooms offer a diverse menu with different specials featured on most evenings. Our dining hours are below:

19th Hole, Fireside Grill & Kitchen Hours


Tuesday-11 am to 5 pm 

Wednesday-11 am to 8 pm 19th Hole

Thursday-11 am to 8 pm 19th Hole 

Thursday-Fireside Grill 5 pm to 8 pm 

Friday-11 am to 9 pm 19th Hole 

Friday-Fireside Grill 5 pm to 9 pm 

Saturday-7:30 am to 11 am Breakfast Sandwiches & Coffee in the 19th Hole

Saturday-11 am to 8 pm 19th Hole

Saturday-Fireside Grill 5 pm to 8 pm 

Sunday-8 am to 11 am Breakfast Menu. 

Sunday-11 am to 6 pm 19th Hole

*Each day bar will be open to volume.