The following rules and regulations are for the benefit and protection of all members and their guests. They have been established to secure safe and sanitary operations of the pool courts. Parents are responsible for their children and requested to instruct them to observe all rules and obey all orders of the Pool Director and other employees.

The affairs and management of the swimming pool are directed by the Swimming Pool Committee, under the authority and direction of the Board of Governors. The Swimming Pool Committee shall have the right to cancel, at any time, the pool privileges of any member or member of his/her family who fails to comply with all of the rules and regulations.

These rules may be changed or modified from time to time as experience dictates. Suggestions for improvement should be addressed, in writing, to the Pool Committee and signed by the member.

Safety and Conduct

  1. The Club is not responsible for any accidents resulting from the use of the pool or its facilities.
  2. The Club shall not be responsible for the loss of any article of personal property. A lost and found box is located in the Guard Office, please see a pool employee for assistance.
  3. Haverhill Country Club Pool is a Smoke Free Facility.
  4. The pool shall not be used unless the Pool Director or a member of the staff is in attendance and the POOL OPEN sign is displayed. Please respect and obey the lifeguards, they are in charge at all times.
  5. Before entering the pool all bathers must take a soap shower.
  6. Any person, known to be or suspected of being afflicted with a communicable disease (i.e. cough, cold, inflamed eye(s), any skin disease, rash or wearing bandages), shall be excluded from entering the pool.
  7. Play equipment (i.e. toys, balls, rafts, masks, fins, snorkels), will not be permitted in the pool except during special swims and during slack times and only with the express permission of the Pool Director. Toys are allowed in the infant pool, under the supervision of an adult.
  8. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. (To include but not limited to; playing tag, wrestling, unnecessary splashing or roughness, pushing/pulling others into the pool, water fights, snapping towels, sitting/standing on shoulders, hanging on lane lines/ropes, etc.)
  9. Members and their guests will refrain from running on the pool deck.
  10. Swimmers must wear proper bathing attire. Street clothes will not be allowed in the pool water. Bathing attire will not be permitted on any club grounds except in the pool area.
  11. Any child, not toilet trained, will be restricted to the infant pool, unless authorized otherwise by the Pool Director. Some type of protective pants are required while the child is in the pool.
  12. No pets will be allowed in the pool and locker room area.
  13. Eating and drinking will be confined to the snack bar area. Glass containers of any type are prohibited in the pool and locker room area.
  14. Pool members who have a credit card on file with the main office are allowed and encouraged to take advantage of the club’s private Dining Room and Main Deck.
  15. State licensing restrictions require that all alcoholic beverages be supplied by Haverhill Country Club. All beverages must be consumed on the premises and are not allowed to leave the pool area. Haverhill Country Club reserves the right to control the amount of alcoholic beverages served to its guests. Members and guests are NOT allowed to bring alcoholic beverages onto the property. Any noncompliance will result in confiscation of the beverages and possible disciplinary action.
  16. Personal articles should be placed on or near the bathers chair. Please help keep the pool deck area clean and orderly.
  17. Use of the cabanas is on a first come first served basis. However, cabanas may be reserved up until the day of for an additional fee, these reservations should be made with the pool front desk. If the Pool Director or a staff member finds that personal belongings have been placed in the cabana to ‘Hold that spot’, the belongings will be removed and secured in the pool office.
  18. No games at snack bar tables between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM, or whenever there is a shortage of dining space.
  19. Children wearing floatation devices will be restricted to the designated shallow area of the pool. Floatation devices must be cleared with the Pool Director prior to use in the water. The Pool Director retains the right to limit or deny use of floatation devices for any reason. Adult supervision is necessary while a child is wearing such a device.

Diving Area Rules

  1. Swimming in the diving area will not be permitted while the diving board is in use. The lap lane is for swimming laps only.
  2. No diving from the sides of the pool, except in designated diving area, to the right of the diving board, next to lap lane. Check with Guard on duty.
  3. Only one person on the diving structure at a time. The next person shall wait his/her turn on the deck, not on the ladder. Only one bounce is allowed on the board. After entering the water, the diver must swim immediately to the ladder, or directly out of the diving area.
  4. Children 8 and under may use the diving board after being certified by the Pool Director or Lifeguard on duty as to their ability to swim in deep water.
  5. No diving or jumping off the side of the board. The area in front of the board must be clear before the next diver may take his/ her turn.
  6. Divers must leave the board from their feet.

Regulations for Children

  1. Children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult or involved in supervised swimming lessons to be allowed in the pool area. All persons 15 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or other member over 21 years of age.
  2. No child over 7 years of age shall be permitted to use the wading pool at any time. Any child using the wading pool must be accompanied by a parent, maid or nurse (preferable over 14 years of age).
  3. Nurses or maids may be employed by club members under the following conditions: The names of one and/or two maids or nurses that will be employed must be submitted to the Pool Director for proper certification.
  4. Nurses or maids may enter the pool area subject to either of the following plans:
    1. Upon payment of a seasonal fee, or
    2. Upon payment of a regular guest fee.

Guests and Check-In

  1. Guests will be allowed but shall not have the use of the facilities more often than Five (5) times in a calendar month, if they reside in the Greater Haverhill Area. Should a member wish to bring a guest more than five times during a calendar month, the guest fee will be doubled. A member, with the permission of the Pool Chairman, may bring up to 10 persons in a group.
  2. All guests must be accompanied and registered by a member. Members are directly responsible for their guests and appropriate guest fees.
  3. All members must check-in with their last name at the pool front desk upon arriving.

Pool Hours

  1. The pool operating hours will be designated by the Pool Committee. On exceptionally warm evenings the hours will be extended for the benefit of members.
  2. Special periods for instruction or other activities shall be designated by the Pool Director.
  3. The pool may be closed for maintenance, health conditions, weather or any reason deemed sufficient by the Pool Director or the Pool Committee.

Parties, Events and Dining

  1. Advance notice of at least five (5) days must be given to the Pool Director regarding birthday parties or special events where the member has more than four guests.
  2. Pool members may attend events located in the main clubhouse. For example, Easter Brunch, Mother's Day Brunch, Deck Nights, Christmas Parties and so on. Reservations should be made online.
  3. Pool members may use the club's dining room as well as the deck, when it is open.

Account Charging and Billing

    1. All members will be set up with a house account and may charge to it as long as a credit card is on file with the office. Cash is accepted at the snack shack as well as member charge.

    2. Bills will be received around the 5th of the month for the prior month's charges. All credit cards will be charged for these balances on the 15th of the month if payment is not made by check before then.

     3. Pool members may also charge to their house accounts for member events located in the main clubhouse.

Golf Privileges    

        1. Pool members may play once a month during the pool season. Play is limited to those times available at the discretion of the Pro Shop. Reservations must be made. Dress code will be enforced. Junior golf sessions will be available for kids ages 6 and up in July and August. Information will be emailed to all members in June.

  The Pool Director may post special rules governing the use of the pool in addition to the rules printed herein.

The Pool Director may also modify the rules when circumstances call for such, at his/her discretion.